As mentioned here, Edifix's Line Break Removal function, which removes extraneous mid-reference paragraph breaks, works best with numbered references. Edifix also does a good job of removing paragraph breaks from name-date references, but in some situations Edifix will not detect an incorrect break partway through a name-date reference. For example, if the second paragraph of a reference starts with a capital letter that falls just after the first letter of the first author’s surname in the alphabet (e.g., if a paragraph beginning with the author surname "Lee" is followed by a paragraph beginning with the word "Massachusetts"). This problem is more likely in references that use Title Case for article titles.

Line Break Removal can also incorrectly merge your references if your reference list is not in numeric order.

If the results from processing of your name-date references include some partial references that Edifix has incorrectly restructured, try pasting your input text into Word and removing mid-reference hard returns, then processing these problem references again.