Sometimes a MathType equation displays as expected in your Word file, but certain symbols in the equation are displayed incorrectly in the .eps equation files that MathType creates when called by eXtyles during XML export.

When this happens, the problem is likely with how MathType handles fonts. MathType is not currently able to embed fonts in .eps files. In particular, we have found that sometimes MathType has problems with Symbol font. To resolve this issue, you will need an updated version of the FontInfo.ini file, which you can download from this page. 

To use this updated file, first navigate to wherever MathType is installed:

  • 32-bit Windows: typically C:\Program Files (x86)\MathType 
  • 64-bit Windows: typically C:\Program Files\MathType

Navigate to the Fonts subdirectory, where you should find a copy of a file called FontInfo.ini. Make a copy of that file somewhere on your system (in case you need to reinstate the original version), then overwrite it with the new version you received from eXtyles Support.

For more detailed documentation on interactions between MathType and fonts, see