On rare occasions, when exporting a document containing a large number of MathType equations, a user will experience a Word crash. This crash is triggered by a bad interaction between Word and MathType, and it often occurs between the following stages of export: “checking paragraphs” and “Loading MathType translators.”

A workaround has been devised to preclude this interaction. The user should hold down the Shift key when selecting the export option and keep holding the Shift key until eXtyles displays this message box:

  • This message brought to you in place of a Microsoft Word crash

Once the box is displayed, the user may release the Shift key and click OK. The remainder of the export process will execute without issue.

Note: Inera recommends MathType 6.9 or the most recent release, 7.4. Versions before 6.5 and versions 7.x earlier than 7.4 are not recommended.