It was announced that on September 30, NCBI will completely transition their web services from HTTP to HTTPS. NCBI had notified us that this deadline has been extended to November 9. The update must be installed by all eXtyles customers who use PubMed reference linking tools by November 9. After this date, NCBI will turn off HTTP access, and the existing eXtyles PubMed feature will cease to function unless this critical patch is installed, or unless you are using build 3500 or later.

The initial deadline for applying this patch was November 9, 2016. As of January 20, 2017, the graceĀ period given to eXtyles users for HTTP-support for PubMed Reference Checking is ended.

If you are using a version of eXtyles older than build 3500, the HTTPS patch MUST be installed for PubMed Checking to continue to function. To install this patch, please refer to the instructions and patch files available on the eXtyles website.

If you believe you have successfully applied the patch but continue to see error message, please see the article:
Error message after applying critical HTTPS patch for PubMed Linking Modules.