For some time, Edifix has warned if either PubMed or Crossref (using Crossmark metadata) reports that an article has been retracted. 

From April 2023, Edifix has two new ways of detecting retracted material:

  1. Edifix will now warn that an article has been retracted if its title at PubMed or Crossref includes an indication of the retraction (e.g., the article title starts with text such as “RETRACTED ARTICLE”). This broadens retraction detection because some publishers update the article title but not corresponding PubMed or Crossref retraction metadata when articles are retracted.
  2. Edifix can now query Retraction Watch, the largest database of retracted publications. This extends Edifix’s ability to detect retractions beyond material deposited in Crossref and PubMed.

Because original Edifix retraction detection relies on metadata from PubMed and Crossref, and Retraction Watch checking yields the most accurate results when queries are made with an article identifier (PMID or DOI) we recommend you always include PubMed and Crossref Reference Checking when you run a job through Edifix.