When face formatting (e.g., italics) is applied to an entire element (e.g., a journal title), you may find that the element is displayed with this format in your Edifix results, but XML exported from Edifix does not include format tags.

This happens when Edifix returns “good” XML (which includes semantic tagging only) rather than “display” XML (which can include some non-semantic formatting). “Good” XML allows more downstream flexibility in transformation and display.

Edifix provides two JATS XML export options: JATS XML ("good" XML) and Edifix JATS XML ("display" XML). If you are using the "display" XML option, Edifix uses the JATS specific-use attribute to indicate some font face changes in cases where it is not supported in the DTD (e.g, person-group). For more information, please see the specific-use FAQ.