Starting in June 2020, Edifix will parse references to preprints, but will not restructure them. (This is similar to how Edifix handles conference proceedings.) 

Guidelines for citing preprints are still a moving target, which means it’s safer to leave judgements about which elements to include and how to format them in the hands of experienced human editors. We’ve also found that the citation data submitted by authors varies widely, so we can’t always count on finding all the elements in place.

If you turn on the Crossref Correction and DOI Linking option before running your Edifix job, Edifix will also retrieve DOIs for preprints that have a DOI deposited with Crossref:

  • If Crossref returns a preprint DOI, Edifix will insert it.
  • If Crossref returns a DOI for the published version rather than the preprint, Edifix will insert the DOI for the preprint, provided that the preprint metadata is correctly linked in Crossref.
  • If the Crossref metadata indicates a final publication DOI for the preprint, Edifix will also add a comment with the DOI of the journal article, so that you can see the status.

Reference lists exported from Edifix to JATS will comply with JATS4R recommendations for citing preprints.

For more information on Edifix and preprints, see this FAQ.