Edifix Crossref processing uses an API to query the Crossref database. The connection to Crossref is very reliable, but occasionally the process will fail to complete. This may be because the Crossref API is down.

The quickest and easiest way to find answers is by checking Crossref’s Status page, which shows you everything you might need to know in one place: the status of all Crossref operations in real time; response times and uptime for Crossref APIs over the previous day, week, and month; and a log of past incidents.

For status updates that come to you, click the "Subscribe to Updates" button at the top of the page! 

If the Crossref Status page indicates no issues, but you still are unable to run Edifix Crossref processing successfully, please contact Support to report the problem. There may be another type of connection issue that we can help you troubleshoot.