In order for a Team Member to use Edifix as part of your Organization, they need to confirm their email address and set up a password. Until they do, you'll see their Role listed as "pending" on your list of users.

New users on Edifix for Teams receive an email message inviting them to do these final steps to set up their account. Occasionally an email message will go astray, get caught in a spam filter, or get lost in someone's inbox. To resend an email invitation, follow these steps:

1. Go to Account > My Organization to bring up your Organization Overview page.

2. Click the View All Members button.

3. Find the correct user on your list of Team Members. 

4. From the drop-down list in the far right-hand column, choose Resend Invitation.

→ If you are concerned that the previous invitation was caught by a spam filter, ask the Team Member to whitelist