Click New Edifix Job to submit a new list of references for Edifix to process. 

First, select the reference style that best matches the target editorial style. 

    → Your Organization and your Team may have a default editorial style. You can choose a different style for a particular job when you need to! 

If you want your references corrected and linked to PubMed or Crossref, select PubMed and/or Crossref Linking and Data Correction. You can give your new Edifix job a title; if you don't, Edifix will assign a sequentially numbered job title for you (you can change it at any time!).

    → Ask your Team Manager or Organization Lead if you should name your Edifix jobs in a specific way.

When you have finished selecting your Edifix options, paste your references into the Input References box. For best results, there should be no line breaks within an individual reference, and the references should be either numbered or in alphabetical order, as they would typically appear in the reference list. 

    → You can get Edifix to remove line breaks for you by clicking Advanced Settings > Remove Line Breaks.

When you are ready to Edifix your references, click Edifix Your References.


Please be patient: the Edifix process takes approximately 3 seconds per reference.                


When Edifix is finished, your results will be displayed in three different views: References Only, Links and Comments, and Show Changes. To check the accuracy of a reference in the PubMed or Crossref database, click on the PMID or DOI link that is returned with the reference (when Linking and Data Correction options are selected).


The restructured, corrected references can then be copied and pasted back into a word-processing program (e.g., MS Word). You can also download your references as a Word file or in various structured formats that can be used as inputs to reference management tools or as XML inputs to other downstream processes.

    → Ask your Team Manager or Organization Lead if you should export your Edifix jobs in a specific way.

For more detailed information on using Edifix, click here.

For information on user roles in Edifix for Teams, click here.