Suppose you've submitted a batch of 5 references, expecting them to be processed without incident because you have 6 references left in your free Edifix trial, but instead you get an error message stating that you've exceeded your reference allowance. What's going on?

Almost certainly, there are extra line breaks in one or more of your references, and they're interfering with Edifix's ability to estimate the size of your job before processing. We do our best to account for unnecessary line breaks when estimating, but sometimes we don't get it 100% right. 

If this has happened to you during your trial, here's what you can do about it:

Option 1: Manually check your references for line breaks where they shouldn't be, and delete them; then try again to Edifix your references. Edifix should now be able to estimate the number correctly.

Option 2: Break your batch of references into two smaller batches and Edifix them separately. In our example above, for instance, you could break your list of 5 into lists of 3 and 2. Be sure to check the box for Line break removal (under Advanced Settings) before running each job.

→ The official count of references processed occurs during Edifix processing (after line breaks are removed). This means you should never have to worry about being billed for more references than you've Edifixed!