The eXtyles feature Journal Database Update downloads the latest version of the journal database files from and saves them to your Local App Data directory. To read the user documentation for this feature, click here

Failed to download file

We have found that, in some versions of Office 2013 and Office 2016, the Journal Database Update tool fails with a warning:

Error 8504, Class 106
Failed to Download file. Please ensure you are connected to the internet

If you encounter this error, please contact us at We believe we have addressed this issue, so the solution may be to upgrade to a new eXtyles build.

Interference from 64-bit Notepad++

We have encountered one instance of interference between 64-bit Notepad++ and some eXtyles functions that require internet access.

If you are unable to download the journal database files, please check whether you have 64-bit Notepad++ installed. Switching to 32-bit Notepad++ should resolve the problem.