Advanced Settings allow you to fine-tune what Edifix does with your submitted references.

Line Break Removal

This setting is enabled by default. Incorrect paragraph breaks (aka hard returns) sometimes appear in reference lists, typically for one of two reasons:

  • The author has used the Enter key to insert breaks within reference entries.
  • The reference list has been extracted from a PDF, and breaks are included at the end of every line in the reference list.

When enabled, Line Break Removal identifies and removes incorrect breaks that appear in the middle of references.

If the references are in the correct order (sequentially, for numbered references, or alphabetically, for name-date references), Edifix can safely and automatically remove incorrect line breaks while preserving the correct break at the end of each reference. However, in some cases – especially when the bad breaks are numerous – Edifix will incorrectly merge references during this process. To get the best reference results, you can turn this feature on and off on a case-by-case basis.

Process Book References

This setting is enabled by default. In addition to processing journal references, Edifix is able to restructure most references to books and book chapters. Not all authors and editors want their non-journal references processed, however. If you want to weed out non-journal references from your job -- and avoid using your reference allowance on references you don't need – you can uncheck Process Book References. With this setting disabled, Edifix will ignore book and book chapter references while it processes the rest of your job.