Error message -  run-time error “-2147220504 (800403e8)”: attempt to create an extra APIContainer object


If eXtyles uninstalls and reinstalls without any issue, but a VBA error — run-time error “-2147220504 (800403e8)”: attempt to create an extra APIContainer object — is displayed when the user clicks on the eXtyles menu in Word, it indicates that the installation did not execute to completion. To solve the problem, follow these steps for a clean uninstall/reinstall:

  1. Confirm that the user has administrative privileges.
  2. Close Word.
  3. Uninstall eXtyles using Windows Add-Remove Programs.
  4. Delete the eXtyles directory (C:\Program Files\eXtyles).
  5. Reboot the machine.
  6. Reinstall eXtyles.

If eXtyles is installed and the eXtyles menu is available in Word but is inactive (grayed out), this indicates that Word did not fully reinitialize the add-in. To solve the problem, reboot the machine. Note: In the future, follow the steps outlined above for a clean uninstall/reinstall of eXtyles.

Error message - run-time error begins "Compile error in hidden module"

On machines running Windows 8, an error message beginning "Compile error in hidden module" may appear when you open Word.

To fix this problem:

  1. Open Word.
  2. Navigate to the File Menu → Options → Add-Ins → Manage, select Disabled Items, and click Go.
  3. Select "", “” or “icehook.dotm” if any of these files are included in the Disabled Items dialog and click Enable.
  4. Close and reopen Word.

If, after installation, a Word dialog asks if it can load macros from Inera Inc., select OK (indicating that Word can always accept macros from this source).